Top-Line™ Advanced Support



Supplement for horses needing a healthy topline

Horses are experiencing more weight and topline related problems:
  • Horse’s topline wasting away?
  • Horse’s with hollow areas along the withers and across the topline?
  • Horse’s backbone is visible?
  • Issues with saddle fit?
  • Drop in performance and stamina?

Top-Line™ Advanced Support can help!

  • Effective supplement to add weight on the horses topline
  • Horse’s supplemented with Top-Line™ Advanced Support show quick improvement.
  • Works with or without exercise

Top-Line™ Supplements Contains

  • Balanced amino acids for healthy topline
  • Nutrients that support weight gain, performance and stamina
  • Rice Bran Oil as a source of Gamma Oryzanol for enhanced muscle
  • Flaxseed as a balanced source of Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids


  • Can be fed to all horses
  • Works with all feeds
  • Ultra concentrated so you feed less, just scoops per day
  • Packaging: 2.2 lb pail

Download product information sheet here.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs


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