Kahn Forge

Your honest partner in the farrier industry, always.

Located in Orange county, California. The owner,Jason Yang established the Rayguang Horseshoes brand which has been manufacturing horseshoes and farrier tools since 1999, and registered the brand Kahn Forge, Inc. in 2015 as a reference to Genghis Kahn of the Mongolian empire.

All of our farrier tools have been tested long before they come onto the market. Kahn Forge attaches a great importance to every detail, and we listen to all feedback from our customers.

We are doing our best to support the farrier industry. Kahn Forge and Farriers, Partnering for Success!!

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Quality Products Built to Last

Our product selection is geared towards lifestyles that use their gear day in and day out, in all types of weather. We use what we sell, and expect it to last.
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