Liberty CU Hybrid 4


The bevel angle on the trademark face of the nail allows the nail to lock in better in all types of shoes punched for E-Heads, including concave. The slightly larger specifications of the shank immediately under the head will provide additional strength and a better fit in the pritcheling of the shoe.


  • Extra length
  • Extra pitch
  • Extra sharp and smooth
  • Packaged in strong plastic storage box
  • Made with Cu Shield Technology
  • Excellent material and finish
  • Extra strong and durable material
  • Modified head design
  • Modified head design works well in concave and shoes punched for E-head nails
  • Perfect in combination with pads
  • Extra sharp and smooth for less damage
  • Cu Shield Technology eliminates rust and deterioration of nail strength
  • No rust or wear inside the hoof wall
  • Stronger, healthier hooves

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Weight 1.8 lbs


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